Dear National Security Forum Members and Supporters,

First, my apology (and sincere appreciation) to those of you receiving this email whom have already paid your membership for the July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 time period.

For everyone else who is so inclined, the time has come to renew or initiate your membership in the National Security Forum.

There are four easy ways to pay your membership:

  1. You can pay online, using PayPal, by clicking this link;
  2. You can print the membership form, fill it out, and mail it to the National Security Forum with your selected form of payment; Membership Form 2016-2017
  3. You can print the attached membership form, fill it out and bring it with you to a NSF breakfast; or
  4. We will have forms available following each membership breakfast, and you can fill out a form and pay at that time.

Here is some summary information about The National Security Forum:

National Security Forum – Membership

Basic elements:

Cost:             $100 per year per individual, $150 for couples (tax deductible)

Period:            July 1 – June 30

Benefits:        Primary: Support the NSF;     Secondary: Reduced fee for breakfast

Mission of National Security Forum:

“The National Security Forum of Northern Nevada (NSF) serves as a venue for thoughtful consideration of international, politico-military, and geo-economic issues.  The NSF provides commentary representing diverse viewpoints and convenes periodic meetings to bring together experts representing a wide spectrum of opinions to address issues of current importance in a balanced and non-partisan manner.”

The National Security Forum of Northern Nevada (NSF) was established by Dr. Tyrus Cobb in 2009 to promote discussion regarding critical national security issues facing the United States.  As a former special assistant to President Reagan serving on the National Security Council staff, Dr. Cobb has maintained his keen interest in global developments affecting the United States.

The NSF is a non-partisan educational organization believing in vigorous, open, and balanced discussion and debate on vital questions affecting all Americans.

The NSF offers a broad range of insightful programs and commentaries.  Speakers have included military officers, diplomats, academic specialists, terrorism experts, and many others.  Subjects have ranged from Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria and the Middle East to US relations with China. Other programs have explored less frequently examined but critical issues such as cyber security and U.S. preparedness for biological warfare.

The NSF has been recognized as a non-profit educational organization by the state of Nevada and the IRS.  It is guided by a Board of Directors who are building the NSF into a premier educational organization to promote learning and debate about national security issues.

Critical issues facing the United States and the global community must continually be addressed to ensure an informed citizenry.  Come join us for informed discussion and to meet new friends with likeminded interests!


Dick Bartholet, NSF Board Membership Chairman

2 thoughts on “

  1. Regarding Dr Cobb’s comments “My colleague at West Point, COL Tom Davis, wrote a strong opinion piece published in the USA Today on gun control, using the military’s standards as a guide. I concur with Tom’s recommendations, but there has been–not surprisingly–considerable opposition to his recommend policies. Ty”! I find this treasonous and a direct violation of the Oath of Office if US Military Officers! Refund my membership dues. I reject these tyrannical views and those who support them! RJ Ingold Col USMC (Ret)

  2. Dick Bartholet, Is it the position of the National Security Forum to support Cobb and Davis in their views that Our Constitutional Republic should be abandoned and that the Bill of Rights no longer apply? The idea that free citizens in Our Republic should be treated to procedures as if they are under “military control” is reprehensible,tyrannical and outrageous. Clarification as to who speaks for the National Security Forum is necessary. RJ Ingold, Col USMC (Ret)

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