Save the Date: Tuesday, July 17

Bob Barone & Jerry O’Driscoll

The Euro-Crisis and the Implications for the US Economy

Tuesday, July 17, The Ramada, 9:00 am

Europe is in crisis, at least the southern tier countries. There are critical questions regarding the viability of the Euro as well as the economies of countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal—and perhaps France as well. Several measures have been taken to save failing banks, but it is uncertain whether this will be sufficient to stave off financial collapse. While Northern European countries like Germany and Sweden are doing OK, we do not know how exposed their banks are to debts of other countries. It is also uncertain if the Euro itself will survive. Will the populace revolt against austerity measures being imposed upon them? And, finally, what are implications of the European crisis for the US economy?

No need to respond now—just mark July 17 on your calendars.


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