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Membership versus Participation

NSF Colleagues;

There has been some confusion over our use of the term “Member”, and exactly what that means. We prepared the following definitions, which might be helpful, in distinguishing between Participants, Members, and soon, we hope, Supporters.

Participants: The National Security Forum is open to all who have an interest in politico-military and global economic issues. All those who follow our commentaries, offer opinions, and attend NSF meetings are Participants. There is no annual fee for participating in our events and exchange of opinions; in fact, we appreciate everyone encouraging more folks to subscribe to our website and attend meetings. Those attending our breakfast meetings generally pay $25.

Members:  More than 160 of our participants have become members of the NSF, recognizing that bringing in top notch speakers, providing intelligent and balanced commentary, and covering our administrative fees is necessary for the Forum to be successful. Our Board is all-volunteer, of course, but we do have some staff support, legal requirements, website maintenance, modest honorariums, and some costs in assisting our speakers. The fees also permit us to offer discounts for selected groups (e.g., WWII veterans, students) and to invite guests of the speakers. The annual Membership fee is $100 a year for individuals; $150 for couples. Members enjoy a reduced rate of $15 for our breakfast meetings.

Supporters: We have not established a formal development program, although that is part of our longer-range planning. However, some have already made generous gifts to the Forum, far above the annual membership rates. Great thanks to John Farahi, Jim Bradshaw, Jim Webster and others who have made these generous donations.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts as to how we can further strengthen the NSF, please email me at

— Ty

Tyrus W. Cobb

President, the National Security Forum